University of California, Berkeley

Police SUV at night with lights on

History & Accomplishments

The Berkeley campus is the flagship campus of the ten campus University of California system and the first campus to establish its own police department. The Berkeley campus has had a history of large-scale events, including sporting events, influential speakers and demonstrations, many receiving national attention in the media. Often seen as the origin of the “Free Speech Movement”, the Berkeley campus regularly is the site of college protests and “progressive movements”.

The UC Berkeley Police Department has the largest sworn membership with 41 officers and 58 total sworn. The first formal Honor Guard was established in 2014 at the department and is proud to be the first campus with a Threat Management Unit (T.M.U.), Negotiation Entry Team (N.E.T.), and Explosive Detection K-9 program. The K-9 program was established after the World Trade Center bombings in 2001. UC Berkeley’s Bomb Team (Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team) provides services to the campus and 22 federal, state, county and local agencies with which UCPD has a Memorandum of Understanding.

The UC Berkeley Department has a long history of supporting law enforcement activities in many surrounding cities and counties all over the State. The UC Berkeley Police Department is a proud and experienced department that faces its own unique relationship with life on campus and the City of Berkeley.

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